Friday, August 22, 2008

Gakken Stirling Engine = Failure :(

My boy and I spent about an hour putting together the Stirling Engine kit (see post from August 8th). And, after much ado and fanfare, it did... nothing. There's not a lot too it, and everything seems to be assembled correctly. Even sitting on a cup of very hot water, with icecubes on top of it, it simply doesn't run. A bit disappointing! I'll keep looking over it and see if I made some mistake :-S


carolyn said...

us too - we couldn't make it work andwe had english instructions! did you ever find out what was wrong? our foam disc looks too small compared to photos

AkEric said...

No, I never did.... nor did I actually try though: I was so discouraged I had to put it away less... hulk smash. :P

FYI, the latest issue of MAKE magazine has you build one very similar, by hand. You may get better results ;)

AkEric said...

Update: I actually got it working! Required *boiling* water in a cup, with ice cubes on top.